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  1. csd1 Says:

    Yesterday several things were posted.

    1. A new video is up “I Need a Hero” along with the link to others from the girl who made it.

    2. Vitch put up links to some GREAT new book websites.

    3. BTF put up the first chapter of our story look under “writers”

  2. csd1 Says:

    Just put up the link to a autor named Kresley Cole. Very HOT! You can find it under the books tag.

  3. csd1 Says:

    New video up from Nikki. Ready for Love. It is only the first 12 eps but SO romantic I had to put it up. And yes Nik is my ALL TIME FAV person on videos!

  4. csd1 Says:

    WOW tag with pic of Kyle’s new movie.

  5. bludtizfan Says:

    Here is today’s puzzle:




    clue: L=C A=I

  6. csd1 Says:

    Added a puzzle tag and put up pics of Christina and Dylan under the WOW tag.

  7. csd1 Says:

    Pic of Gina under WOW!

  8. csd1 Says:

    New pic of Kyle under WOW!

  9. csd1 Says:

    Clip of Joyride 2 up under cast.

  10. csd1 Says:

    Shower pic from Zerophilia up in WOW!

  11. csd1 Says:

    New chapter of Riverboat Gambler is up.


  12. csd1 Says:

    Another pic from Zerophilia thanks to Edneslilly! Thanks girl!

  13. csd1 Says:

    WOW tag is gone, now we have a tag for Christina, Dylan, Gina and Kyle. Will add pics and info to each.

  14. csd1 Says:

    Because the space bar covers the icon tag we had I’ve put the lists of links to change your avi’s under pictures. You can still click on Gina’s tag, the icon and a blank tag are under the bar.

  15. csd1 Says:

    New tag up, Post pics. You decide the picture for each new page.

  16. csd1 Says:

    TV listings posted under Cast.

  17. csd1 Says:

    VERY HOT VIDEO added from the Huntress.

  18. csd1 Says:

    Another video from TheHuntress is up, be aware it will make you cry!

  19. csd1 Says:

    Pic from the RL voting top 40 under news. Thanks to Edenslilly.

  20. csd1 Says:

    More tv listings for Kyle and Dylan under Cast.

  21. csd1 Says:

    Kyle on Missing June 11, under Cast.

  22. csd1 Says:

    Links to clips of Kyle’s movie Deep Cove under Cast.

  23. csd1 Says:

    Pictures from the behind the scenes of Deep Cove under Kyle’s tag.

  24. csd1 Says:

    New video from Nikki is up.

  25. csd1 Says:

    Put up a members tag to send in picture of yourselves.

  26. bludtizfan Says:

    Originally Posted by Cheri at KSC
    The fans are undertaking yet another venture, a Digital Billboard. The goal of the billboard is to attract attention and publicity for the actors and Blood Ties, the show. We are trying to ascertain if there is enough interest and support to go forward with this venture. If you are interested in showing your support please go to:

    http://snappoll.com/poll/278577.php VOTE!! And show your support.

    The poll will remain up for seven days. We will then determine if this is a viable venture. More details concerning the billboard to follow.

    If you have any questions/concerns please e-mail all inquiries to: btbillboard@yahoo.com

    Blood Ties Fans Bite Back!

    The Billboard Committee

  27. csd1 Says:

    New tag up titled Us, to tell about yourself. Please do not leave personal info.

  28. csd1 Says:

    New tag titled prayers to send our your prayers to other members.

  29. csd1 Says:

    New video by TheHuntress for all of us at EBT on the home page and under videos.

  30. csd1 Says:

    Another great video from the Huntress, Everybody wants you, under the video tag.

  31. csd1 Says:

    Link to Blood Ties podcast under news.

  32. csd1 Says:

    Kyle interview of The Thaw under the Kyle tag.

  33. csd1 Says:

    Link to nominate your fav fanfic under news.

  34. csd1 Says:

    New Kyle movie info under Kyle.

  35. csd1 Says:

    New tag for avitars.

  36. imjustaguy Says:

    Brand new puzzles tab. The old one is gone for a while.

    Our first featured fic writer is up.

    Contest is up and under way.

    Graduation pictures of our very own Pokey under the members tab.

  37. imjustaguy Says:

    Contest is on hold…..you can see why on the contest page.

    We have two new tabs up top. One is a gallery. I tried to find some pics you would like. More will be added. If there are any specific Blood Ties pics you would like to see email me them and I will make sure to put them in the gallery.

    We have a Vampires tab. (if you like this idea I will open up the tab) It will be a place where you can create your own vampire or talk about what you do and don’t like about vampires. You can discuss different mythology about vampires. You can pretty much talk about anything involving vampires there.

    Feel free to email me if you have any concerns or problems. I’ll be checking my email frequently. imjustaguy@live.com

  38. imjustaguy Says:

    I would also like to know if you enjoy having a puzzles page. If you do I’ll get it updated today. If not let me know and I’ll get rid of it.

  39. imjustaguy Says:

    New fan fiction writer interview under Feature Fic Writer tab

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