This is a place to just talk about vampires, anything you like about them and don’t like, mythology of vampires, or to come up with your own vampire.  Have fun.

One Response to “Vampires”

  1. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    I have always loved vampires. I remember watching Bela Lugosi as the count when I was around 7; Since that first viewing I have followed any movie or actor associated with being a vampire, I have seen several different people play awesome vampires starting with after Bela, Christopher Lee, Jack palance, Frank Langella, who by the way was a very sexy one himself. David Boreaneaz, (ANgel) James Marsters( spike), Gary Oldman, but out of all of these contenders, I have adored Kyles version the most. Its one thing to see a vampire on screen but its amazing to see a sexy vampire who is also the son of King Henry VIII. That is breathtaking. The Mystery that has always surrounded them has captivated me unlike any other creature and that includes werewolves, Frankenstein, etc. Anne Rice hit pay dirt when she started writing about them and Bram stoker, well I don’t know if he is as unknowledgeable as Henry believes but he also draws you in. “oh” almost forgot, there was a guy who played dracula on Buffy, and He also played on in a movie on SCiFi called Vlad Price of Darkness; I am trying to remember his name, I think its Rudolph Martin, but don’t quote me on that. Until next ramble.

    Love to all my homies of Darkness!


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