Each week we will ask a Blood Ties question. What do you think?


This weeks question: Blood Ties is known for some great lines. What was the one you liked best? You don’t have to play with your food, was my fav, what was yours?

17 Responses to “Question”

  1. ccrulz Says:

    Least fave..Deep Dark..loved the emotional aspect but didn’t care for the ending, Henry in tears..stab me in the heart! Have a tie for favorite, thanks to Fitzsgirl for the title to Post Partum, my blonde brain couldn’t remember but that one and 5:55..loved Kate’s reaction to Vicki’s telling Mike she wanted him to be her baby daddy, classic..And 5:55..do I need to say anything at all?? That was a hard choice though, all of them are great!

  2. csd1 Says:

    My turn on this one. Least fav is easy for me, Drawn and Quartered. I liked the little back story of Henry’s past but the villian and story just didn’t work for me. As for fav, that is hard one for me. So many to choose from. Love Hurts, Heart of Fire, Bugged (the Mike & Henry parts), Devil you know rank up there. 5:55 I think was best in acting by the cast, they all kicked ass in that one!

  3. raven4bloodties Says:

    Loved them all. Have to say Blood Price 1&2 are my very favorite. Its when I “fell in love” with a Vampire. The hardest one for me was of course Deep Dark, and I can’t imagine this show ending there. We need more.

  4. vamphoney Says:

    Ok I’ll go next. I loved them all but I think I’d have to say my least favorite is D.O.A. I don’t know why but it just lacked something for me. I have lots of favorites since each episode had something about it that made it stand out but I’ll go with Love Hurts, Heart of Fire and 5:55. I loved Deep Dark but it was too heartbreaking. I can’t believe that anyone would be so cruel as to end it there.

  5. vampfan Says:

    I loved the moment Henry leaned in anad told Vicky he was a vampire. I melt every time I see that picture. I think is was in Blood Price part 2. The ending of Deep Dark broke my heart. Its not that it is my least favorite, but it left me wanting more..and of course, we never got it.

  6. cylver Says:

    I think my favorite must be Heart of Fire, because it was so emotionally wrenching. Also, Henry saying Grace is probably my single favorite Blood Ties moment! I also love Norman, because I like seeing the actors play out of character.
    Least fave? Hard to say, because they all have good moments. Probably Gifted. I’m sorry, but that girl is bratty. Actually her character is. I’m sure the little girl is very sweet.

  7. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    My fav, is “Norman” because of the kiss obviously, lol and my least fav, is gifted, I just didn’t like that little girl. I don’t know why!

  8. theamatis Says:

    I want to know more about Mohadavan and how she arrived at her unique viewpoint of life and death.
    I would also like to know how Crowley got to be such a hard-faced bitch. OK, she may be woman in a man’s world, who has to get resultls, but many of us are and we don’t need to resort to behaving like we have permanent PMS. She’s just so vinegary, like the only pickled onion in a fruit salad

  9. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    I would have loved to have known more about mohadevhan. It only showed her briefly. and I would have loved to see her having drinks with vicky and henry at vicki’s office!

  10. raven4bloodties Says:

    I would love to see more of Bettie. To see flash backs of her time with Henry. Were they always friends or were they lovers who stayed friends? She could even be a granddaughter of someone Henry once loved. You could feel/see true affection between them. (great acting).
    Then of course Mohadevhan. She gives the impression of some kind of super natural essence.

  11. xrogue Says:

    I’d like to know more about them all, personally, but if I had to choose just 1 it’d be Mohadevan. She knows something’s cooking somewhere and keeps hinting at it, but won’t actually tell anybody what’s going on. Too sneaky!

  12. cylver Says:

    I go with Mohadevan too. I just love the looks she gives Henry when she mentions the supernatural. There’s some great unspoken communication between the two of them! Does she know what Henry is? I don’t think so, not specifically, but she does know there’s something “different” about him. But I think if she were ever to find out for sure, she’d just nod, and say “Oh, well that would explain it!”

  13. xrogue Says:

    There are a whack of great one liners, but the one that I always seem to think of first is in The Devil You Know. Henry and Mike have agreed to find the other vampire and are leaving Henry’s place when Henry sticks his head back in the door and asks Mike, “Coming Renfield?” The line is great and Mike’s reaction is priceless.

  14. spikey1270 Says:

    “You ever consider writing greeting cards?” – Vicki in Necrodrome

  15. sunsetangel Says:

    I have a question: Is there any hope at all of getting it back? What would need to be done?

  16. lucy jones Says:

    which epiosde is Henry and Vicki in the elevator?

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