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  1. Vitch Says:

    Ok guys…Just saw this posting over at bt_obsessed and told her/him I would post here.

    ~ v ~

    Hey Everyone! I am a HUGE fan of Blood Ties and I need everyone’s help! I am working on a project for Christina and Kyle. I want to make each of them a “birthday book”. This is just a scrapbook that I will fill with notes from the actor’s fans (birthday notes, praise, etc), decorate, and send to them for their birthday. I would like for fans to send/email me notes for each or both actors. I know that both Christina and Kyle would appreciate the messages from fans.

    I am spreading the news everywhere about this project everywhere and I wanted to see if you guys could help by sending me a letter or two. I know this has the potential of being a great, unique gift for both Christina and Kyle. I would really appreciate anything that you could do.

    I set up a website for the project. Check it out here: You can send me questions, comments, or suggestions at this email address or
    or at my myspace:
    Here is all of the Info:

    Send your letters to:
    My email at
    OR send your handwritten letters to:
    Attn: Blood Ties
    PO Box 767861
    Roswell, Georgia 30076
    Email is great, but I think that handwritten notes are more personal.

    In Your Letters Please Include:
    *A heartfelt note
    *A “happy birthday” wish
    *Your name and country/state (it is up to you how specific you want it to be)
    **PS-Tell me who the letter is for if you think I won╩╝t know
    *You can include pictures if you like

    Christina’s birthday is July 31st, so I need ALL of her letters by June 20.
    Kyle’s birthday is August 24th, so I need ALL of his letters by July 20.

    Thank you SO much. I really want to send each of them a memorable gift that shows how much the fans love them, and that they have fans all over the world. Thanks for your participation!! I look forward to your email or letter. Thanks again!

    ~A Fellow Blood Ties Fan

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