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We made the top 40! Way to go guys!!

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  1. csd1 Says:

    May 31 is the deadline for the Blood Ties Posters. Order from Blood Ties official site.

  2. csd1 Says:

    Here is the link to Amazon about the Blood Ties DVD set. No release date yet but you can sign up to be emailed when it is available.

  3. csd1 Says:

    Here is what one of the writers of BT had to say about the show. It is long and depressing but thought I’d put it out there.

  4. bludtizfan Says:

    Hey Everyone! I am a HUGE fan of Blood Ties and I need everyone’s help! I am working on a project for Christina and Kyle. I want to make each of them a “birthday book”. This is just a scrapbook that I will fill with notes from the actor’s fans (birthday notes, praise, etc), decorate, and send to them for their birthday. I would like for fans to send/email me notes for each or both actors. I know that both Christina and Kyle would appreciate the messages from fans.

    I am spreading the news everywhere about this project everywhere and I wanted to see if you guys could help by sending me a letter or two. I know this has the potential of being a great, unique gift for both Christina and Kyle. I would really appreciate anything that you could do.

    I set up a website for the project. Check it out here: You can send me questions, comments, or suggestions at this email address or
    or at my myspace:
    Here is all of the Info:

    Send your letters to:
    My email at
    OR send your handwritten letters to:
    Attn: Blood Ties
    PO Box 767861
    Roswell, Georgia 30076
    Email is great, but I think that handwritten notes are more personal.

    In Your Letters Please Include:
    *A heartfelt note
    *A “happy birthday” wish
    *Your name and country/state (it is up to you how specific you want it to be)
    **PS-Tell me who the letter is for if you think I won’t know
    *You can include pictures if you like

    Christina’s birthday is July 31st, so I need ALL of her letters by June 20.
    Kyle’s birthday is August 24th, so I need ALL of his letters by July 20.

    Thank you SO much. I really want to send each of them a memorable gift that shows how much the fans love them, and that they have fans all over the world. Thanks for your participation!! I look forward to your email or letter. Thanks again!

    ~A Fellow Blood Ties Fan

  5. bludtizfan Says:

    Don’t forget to collect your eyeglasses and get them ready to mail in.
    Recycle for Sight

    The youchoose page is :
    and the blog site

    You can send glasses now:Go to the Youchoose page, pledge if you have not already, then click on the right side where it says Donate Now. Read and click the link at the bottom that says Donate now.It will bring up a form that must be completed for us to get credit for the donation. Fill that out, hit submit and you will be taken to a page with the address the Lions said to send the glasses to. Just pick the address closest to you.

    Better you should direct comments to SCI FI Channel by snail mail,
    21st Floor, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112. If you must send e-mail, send it to
    Alternatively, if you’d like to voice your feelings in a public forum, you can send a letter to the editor of Science Fiction Weekly at

    also vote at make sure you add (2006) and comment

    and nominate Henry/Vicky for best couple at

  6. csd1 Says:

    Tanya Huff’s offical web site.

  7. bludtizfan Says:

    Posted tonight by RayCheeta:
    Rich Labonte’s reply to a query about pics for Blood Ties:

    “Hi, Blood Ties fans!

    Blood Ties will join the TV_Vote Top 40 in the next couple of days and
    some of you are relatively new voters here, so I want to remind you
    that after your show is in the TV_Vote Top 40 List you should only
    vote for Blood Ties in the Top 40 Poll. Votes cast in our Nomination
    Poll for any of our Top 40 shows are ignored.

    Blood Ties fans should stop voting for Blood Ties in the Nomination
    Poll completely within 48 hours. After that time, votes cast for Blood
    Ties in the Nomination Poll will not be counted.

    We allow 48 hours for the word to be passed to fan groups worldwide,
    but also keep in mind that any duplicate votes (votes coming from the
    same voter / IP number) cast in both polls during that 48 hour
    transition will be deleted.

    In other words, please don’t vote in BOTH polls during that 48 hour
    period or your votes will be thrown out.

    Congratulations to all Blood Ties fans and we look forward to seeing
    you up there in the TV_Vote Top 40 List! Please post this to Blood
    Ties fans wherever they may be gathered! (Ray!)

    Fan Power!

  8. bludtizfan Says:

    Billboard Jerico’s fans put up for the next month. Board owned by CBS, priceless.

  9. bludtizfan Says:

    Greeting to All Blood Ties Fans:

    This is an official announcement on behalf of the Variety Ad Committee.

    WE are elated to be able to make this announcement to all Blood Ties Fans. We did it! The Ads will officially begin running on for five consecutive days, with the launch beginning on June 9 and continuing until June 15.

    The ads will be programmed to run intermittently in the following three sections of Variety: to appear on the home page, in the film section, and additionally, in the awards section. While we realize that Blood Ties was a television production, we were advised that in order to reach the DPT in the biz….these were the best fit options for maximum exposure. In addition, this week was chosen primarily because it is the week of the daytime Emmy’s. Our consultant considers this an ideal week for the ads to garner maximum attention, exposure and coverage for the business.

    Please, remember the ads will be running on-line, they will not be stationery, they will be programmed to alternate either between one another, pop-up together, or to appear between the three pages together or apart of one another as listed above for viewing, so you may have to watch the screen(s) a bit for the appearance of one or both.

    We will place the static page of the ads, as soon as, they are received from Variety for viewing. There will be a link provided to revert all inquiries directly back to: http://www.bloodtie . We are also, including the link to the Variety site for your convenience: http://www.variety. com/ We additionally, increased the impressions to a reasonable maximum, thanks in part to the generous donations of the fans.

    This has been a long and arduous endeavor, but it was also a labor of love. The total amount raised was for the ads came to: $4,500.00. The Variety ads were purchased at:
    $3,700.00. The remaining balance of $800.00 will donated to the “Best Friends of Animals Society”, in honor of: Dylan, Kyle and Christina.

    We are very excited and sincerely hope that everyone enjoys the Ads. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the Ads can work a “Bit of Magic” for the actors and the show. This could not have been accomplished without ALL THE DEDICATED AND DEVOTED BLOOD TIES FANS…….remember “Blood Ties Fans” can still bite back!

    Again, to all Blood Ties Fans “Thanks So Very Much for Your Support” of the Ads. We are very proud of the ads and hope you will enjoy seeing them running in


    Katieore, the Ad Chairman:
    Kel, the Co-Chairman

    and the remaining Ad committee
    Margaret Daly & Veronica_Cure

  10. bludtizfan Says:

    This is the press release that Margaret and I have sent to EVERYONE that we could think of. But, I don’t see any reason not to send it a few more times from different people. So feel free to use this whereever you see fit. This is such a huge project and we have all worked so hard together to make it happen. Thank you all for everything you have done or not done to help.

    Save Blood Ties Campaign

    Press Committee Chairperson
    321/431-6518 (Cell)
    http://www.geocitie henryfitzroy/ index.html
    http://tv.groups. group/savebloodt ies/



    The fans of Blood Ties have united in an attempt to secure future episodes of the show are made. In their biggest effort yet they have purchased an online ad to run on during the week of June 9 through June 15, 2008. They are running this ad in the hopes of encouraging a network to pick the show up for the fall 2008 season.
    This series originally premiered March 11, 2007 on Lifetime and ran for two seasons. Blood Ties is about a strong woman, a survivor, who is dragged into this supernatural world and is the link between existence and total annihilation. It may sound very dramatic but it is funny where it can be and the chemistry between the characters is electric. During the two seasons, the viewers became attached to the show and began campaigns to continue the show even before there was any mention of cancellation by Lifetime. It has been verified that Lifetime will not be broadcasting any additional episodes past the originally purchased 22 episodes.

    The two ads that were purchased will be on rotation at until June 15, 2008. The ad in was paid for entirely by fan donations, with an excess of $800.00 donated to The Best Friends Animal Society in the actors’ names. This should show you how incredibly loyal the show’s fan base is. We are writing to you, because we can’t give up. This show is too special and we’ve come too far to fail.

    This was sent out by Veronica_Cure

  11. bludtizfan Says:

    CTV Television Network

    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 9, Station ‘O,’ Scarborough
    Ontario, Canada M4A2M9

    Rumor is they are purchasing the rights to Blood Ties in August. Let’s let them know we would support the show and want new episodes.

  12. silvermoon23 Says:

    If CTV Televesion Network picks up Blood Ties, will we be able to see it in the U.S.?

  13. bludtizfan Says:

    Originally Posted by Cheri at KSC
    The fans are undertaking yet another venture, a Digital Billboard. The goal of the billboard is to attract attention and publicity for the actors and Blood Ties, the show. We are trying to ascertain if there is enough interest and support to go forward with this venture. If you are interested in showing your support please go to: VOTE!! And show your support.

    The poll will remain up for seven days. We will then determine if this is a viable venture. More details concerning the billboard to follow.

    If you have any questions/concerns please e-mail all inquiries to:

    Blood Ties Fans Bite Back!

    The Billboard Committee

  14. everythingbloodties Says:

    Kyle has cancelled his Pittsburgh appearance due to a work related scheduling conflict. Tickets to his events will be refunded or they will switch them to another convention he’s at.

  15. csd1 Says:

    The Blood Ties Podcast with our own Fitzgirl!

  16. imjustaguy Says:

    Season 1 of Blood Ties is now available on DVD.

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