Want to tell about yourself? Where do you live? What do you do? Got a LJ link? Want to leave your email? Let us know.

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18 Responses to “Us”

  1. csd1 Says:

    I guess I’m first to post here.
    Here I’m csd1 but you can call me C or Chrissy. I’ve been married for 12 years. I am a stay at home mom to 3 children. Ariel (20) Amber (19) and Chase (10). My daughters are both autistic.
    I live in South Carolina where it’s either really hot or really cold.
    I LOVE to read and I almost always have a book near me. I read almost anything but vampire books are my fav (surprised I know) Sherrilyn Kenyon is who I read the most.
    I write fanfic on Live Journal, my own and I co-write with Longlostnight. The stories with LLN are at LJ under the name puhleezebiteme. My stories you can find at this link,http://csd1.livejournal.com/.
    If you would like to email me you can at midnighttemptress@live.com.

  2. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hi C,

    Guess I’m second, huh! I’m pokeys pride but you can call me Mary. I live in Marion, Iowa I am in my senior year of college earning an AAS in Business. I have raised two biological sons. Quinton 27, and Bruce who will be 25 the 12th of this month. and Two stepsons, Leon 28, and Tyrone 23.I am widowed, and have two 9 year old cats named Kane and Sissy. I love the horror genre, am a huge Vincent price fan and have been in love with vampires since Bela Lugosi’s Dracula in 1931.I have a poetry page here on LJ and love to read everyone elses fan fic. I have IM you can reach it at pokeyspride2002@hotmail.com or e-mail me at pokeyspride2002@yahoo.com. My Birthday is in Nov.

  3. fitzsgirl Says:

    Hi all! I am Fitzsgirl, but you can also call me Jennifer. My family lives in Kentucky, horse country. I have been married for 10 years and have 2 kids Ethan 6 and Graceson 2. As far as my other passions beside Blood Ties, I love to write, as well as, spend time with my horses. My stories can be found on either TB or LJ at http://fitzsgirl.livejournal.com/.

  4. bludtizfan Says:

    Hummm, I tall, thin, ric…..Ok I’ll be truthful. I’m 52, married for 25 years and have one son who is 23. Two cocker spaniels who behave better than the kid does. Son has four Lizards (1 Iguana, 2 Gehicos and 1 I don’t know what it is)and an aquarium of fish. I’ll claim the dogs.
    In process of moving from to Lynchburg Virginia.
    Was born in Japan, raised in S. Calif and spent 20 years in Idaho. Have also lived in Washington state and South Carlolina.
    I love Blood Ties and reading vamp books.
    My favs are Lynsay Sands, Sherilyn Kenyon, Katie MacAlister (dragon series) etc. etc.
    Also love Janet Evanovitch Stepahnie Plum and Harry Potter.
    I also do Brazillian Embroidery (3 dimensional), stain glass, writing a book and learning to cook.
    I have blue eyes and at the moment reddish blonde hair.

  5. Elmy Says:

    Hi Everyone! I turn the big 30 next week and am kind of dreading it!

    I’m a 5’3, very white, somewhat rounded and brunette. I’m an aussie girl born and bred, but married to very tall American (he’s 6’6!) who was born in northern california. No kids yet – I still have to try to convince my husband that children are a wonderful blessing and not just a financial burden! 🙂

    I live in Sydney and work for a financial company looking after their website helping build new products and features (but I am not a programmer and I’m terrible with photoshop! I can help with usability though!).

    I’m a rare female, in that I’m girl who loves video games. I own all the game consoles including the xbox360, the nintendo wii AND a playstation 3.

    I’m a geek and I admit it. When I’m not playing video games I’m probably drooling over the latest high defition movies on my big screen tv.

    Last but not least (yeah I can talk alot – have you guys noticed that yet?) I am totally obsessed with Blood Ties and am having a fantastic time writing fan fiction.

  6. vamphoney Says:

    Hi everyone!! I am vamphoney and you can call me Becky. I think I am one of the “more mature” women here at a glorious 52!! I love in Enid OK. I am an Okie born and raised. I have have been married for 15 yrs. to Dayle. He is a truck driver so he is gone most of the time. He is also truegem on HN. I don’t have any kids since I never wanted any. I do love animals though. I do have that in common with Kyle. Right now I only have a cat a named Jasmine (Jazz for short). I like to read (scifi, fantasy, anything Stephen King) but I have never been a vampire book reader. Odd I know since I really love Blood Ties and Henry. I am learning to scrapbook and am in the Red Hat Society. I collect dragons and have them all over the house. Dayle says we need to move and give them the house!!

  7. RedBliss Says:

    Looks like I’m next up to post. My name’s Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz. I’m 24 years old & an Iowa native.But I did live in Texas for a while. I have my Associate of Arts degree & in-process of getting my BA. I’m a “Retirement Specialist” for a financial/life insurance company. No kids, but 3 dogs (2 girls & 1 boy) who keep me very busy! Not only do I work full-time, but I also have a part-time job that on the weekends. So life is really time consuming.

  8. wvchic Says:

    Guess I’ll be next. My name is Rose. I am 27 and live in West Virgina but was born in Kentucky. I live very close to Pittsburgh and is very much like a second home. I am majoring in English and History and plan to be a High School teacher. I have a 6 year old son named Adam.
    I love car racing, baseball, hockey, and football. I love going to the Steelers games every year (my favorite being the Steelers vs the Ravens). I love painting, scrapbooking, drawing, reading, and photography. I am a member of the GFWC Weirton Womens Club, the Autism Society of America, and the Rebecca Circle (our women’s group in our church). I love doing community activities with my church, the local Autism groups, and other orginaztions that help people/children with disabilities.
    My goal in life is to live to 100 and have lots of fun along the way.
    If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.

  9. cylver Says:

    Hi everyone! Looks like it’s my turn! I’m Cylver, but you can call me Sylvie. I’m 47, I’m a newly-single mom (my divorce was final in May – Hallelujah!) and I have a beautiful 13-year-old daughter, Amanda. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love it despite the constant threat of earthquakes! I’m definitely a vampire fanatic. Movies, TV, books, if it’s got fangs, I’m there! Especially books. My fave authors are (in no particular order) P.N. Elrod, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Charlaine Harris, J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian, Stephenie Meyer, Karen E. Taylor, lots of others. Oh yeah, someone named Tanya Huff too. Anyone ever heard of her? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  10. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hey Cylver,

    are you familiar with restraunts in china town? a friend of mine wants to know.

  11. cylver Says:

    Hi Pokey, no I don’t actually get out to the City much. Sorry…
    While I’m here, I forgot to mention earlier that you can Email me at syltim@aol.com and you can read my LJ at sjsimmons, although everything that’s there is also on TB.

  12. aniteattheopera Says:

    Hi all! Here’s my life:

    I turned 45 in May and celebrated 24 years of marriage 2 days ago. I have a 14-yr. old son, an 11-yr. old daughter and a 2-yr. old cocker spaniel (who is a spaz!!!!!) I’m a graphic designer, but left the tireless world of advertising after my daughter was born and only freelance. I also work part-time as a floral designer at an upscale florist in Livonia, Michigan, where I’ve lived for over 20 years. I enjoy camping, golf, and relaxing by the pool. I like reading Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris. Besides my addiction to Blood Ties, I am huge fan of the rock band Queen and attend a yearly convention of fans from all over the US and Canada. I also enjoy playing Guitar Hero, when I can get it away from the kids!

  13. lexy3227 Says:

    My name is Alexa. I’m 29 years old from Manassas, VA. I went to Virginia Tech and received a B.S. from there. I then went back to school to pursue a nursing degree. I’m now an RN at a local hospital. I’ve lived a few places in the U.S. since both parents were in the Navy…born in South Carolina, lived in Florida and California. But I’ve spent most of my years in Virginia, right outside of DC. I’m still single…no one’s caught me yet! I live with my little Westie named Boomer 🙂

  14. theamatis Says:

    Looks like I’ll be the first of the UK crew to post here. My name is Hazel and I live in England’s North West. I took off for a while and moved to the Greek Island of Crete, where I met my husband. I’ve been married for 14 years and have a 13 year old son. We also have two very talkative oriental cats, who are the friendliest cats I know.
    I used to be a singer, jazz in my last incarnation but that’s on the back burner for now. I earn my living as an IT Project Manager, which can be tough, but for those of you who like shopping, I sometimes get to spend millions of other people’s money…
    I’m really into ancient history, art, writing and reading. I love reading fantasy, especially when it also makes me laugh. Current favourite author is Terry Pratchett but as I don’t have much time to read these days I just try and keep abreast of the wonderful fanfic that you guys post.

  15. coopscats Says:

    Ok, I finally got ome free time to do this. Let’s see where to start…I currently live in Middle TN. I moved to TN to be w/ my brother & his crew. I’m the proud Aunt of 4 beautiful kids (my kids as I call them; 1 boy 3 girls. I work in the child care business, & travel a lot for my work, which I love. On top of working full time, I’m going back to attain my Masters Degree in Child Development. I’m not married yet, as no one has been able to catch me–LOL!!(Only Henry–LOL!!) As you can tell by my name I love cats, have 3 of them. My “fur” children as everyone refers to them. Besides my love of Blood Ties, I like to do outdoor things in my spare time–whick isn’t often. I like to fish, camp, hike, & work out @ my gym. I’m also very much a football addict–TN Titans, Dallas Cowboys, & Texas A&M are my teams. I can’t wait until football season starts, so you won’t see me much on the weekends during football season. I do enjoy being able to talk w/ everyone here. So take it easy!!

  16. vampfan Says:

    My turn. My name is Lisa but you know me as Vampfan or Lmpants. I come from a small town in New Haven County CT..I turned 49 in May. I’m actually looking forward to being 50. I’ve been married for almost 28 years, our son turns 26 today. He just got engaged last week to his girlfriend of 3 years. I work in a busy call center for a Basement Waterproofing Company for the last 5 years. I love to travel. Caribbean Islands are my favorite. Either to cruise there or stay at a resort. We have several friends our age with grown children, so we all travel together. I love to read. Lately, I have been hooked on Nina Bangs, Keri Arthur and Janice Chapman. Being part of this Blood Ties family has been a wonderful experience. I never thought I would make new friends on the internet.I hope our Blood Ties family lasts forever.. its my guilty pleasure that I keep all to myself.

  17. vampie1st Says:

    Hi! I finally got around to this! I’m vampie but you all can call me KC if you want. um, I love blood ties, fiction, werewolves, outdoors, animals and many others. 🙂 I am currently taking a vet course in school, i’m 13. I live in TN at the very edge. I love Criss angel mindfreak! I really enjoy talking to everyone here and love being part of the BT family! I hope to get more done for BT, i vote every hour and wish to do more. and this is my signature signout.

    -Vampie out!

  18. sm1234 Says:

    Better late than never. I’m a 62 year old natural redhead with green eyes and a temper. I’ve been married to the same man for 32 years and the mother of 2 adult sons. I’ve done crafts all my life, tole painting, leather work, various needle work, and currently stained glass. I’ve managed to read at least two books a week for 45 years. Mystery, science fiction, fantasy and romance being my favorites. Until Blood Ties I had not read much about vampires – but Tanya Huff has changed that. Hubby and I argue about whether or not vampires are evil – I say ‘no’ he says yes. He laughs at my obsession with Henry and all that is Blood Ties, but he encourages me to spread my wings and write. RealTears is my pen name and I’ve posted on an LJ and FanFic. What ever else happens in life I will always be grateful that I stumbled across Blood Ties and all of the wonderful people I have met here. Wishing each and every one of you the best that life has to offer.
    RealTears, sm1234

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