Thanks to Edenslilly for the pics from Zerophilia


Behind the scenes of Deep Cove.


Joyride 2




18 Responses to “Kyle”

  1. bludtizfan Says:

    Uh I need a cold shower.

  2. vamphoney Says:

    Ice!! I need ice!!!

  3. fitzsgirl Says:

    I think that I need much more than ice. MY body just exploded into flames.

  4. edenslilly Says:

    Hey i can’t take credit for the kyle taking his shirt off gif i didn’t make that one..
    All the others thanks yes, I’m glad you like:))

  5. vampireena Says:

    Wow i love the top pic and of course the shower scene pics. That shower scene is HOT hot!!

  6. longlivehenry Says:

    Love the new pic – is this from Kyle’s movie he is currently filming? The Zerophilia shower scenes are HOT HOT HOT – thanks for posting them.

  7. remeyqueen74 Says:

    all i can say is wow

  8. coopscats Says:

    Can’t get enough of that shower scene; gonna have to geet the movie. Not seen it yet. Kyle…..shower…THUD!!!!!

  9. longlivehenry Says:

    Hi Everyone

    Kyle really needs our help on HN. The ML fans are trying to push Shannon ahead of Kyle. That outrages me – she isn’t even a major character on ML and Kyle is our sexy vampire. Please please help us keep Kyle from slipping. Please leave an opinion for Kyle and as many comments as you can. We always lose points over the weekend as it is. Please help if you can. It is new opinions that count the most.

  10. csd1 Says:

    Here is the You Tube link to find clips of a short film Kyle worked on.

  11. vampie1st Says:

    Can you say THUD???!!! This man is swoon-a-licious!!! That is a fact for sure! Love the shower scene. I’ve got to see the movie.

  12. ccrulz Says:

    Sheesh! Makin’ hotter in Texas than it already is! Thanks for sharing..yummy!

  13. suzieq2421 Says:

    Yep oh yeah….Thud!!!! great scene Kyle

  14. meretean Says:

    Kyle will be on Smallville, episode 8×07 “Identity”. He plays Sebastian Kane.

    The episode should air on the CW October 30.

  15. tweety22 Says:


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