Contest is on hold until I get 2 more people to answer the second set of questions and four more to answer the third set.

Congratulations to sm1234 and aniteattheopera. They each win $10 gift cards to their choice of Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books. The winners won as being the first and sixth person to sign up for the contest and the first person to submit their answers.

************Questions are up at http://ebtcontest.livejournal.com/**************

You can join at any time during the contest. Just send in the answers to the previous episodes questions.

Rules so far:

1. You will have 3 days to watch each episode and answer questions based on the episode. There will be a deadline to submit your answers. The deadline will posted with each set of questions. Once you submit your answers there is no changing them, so please be careful and check your answers.

2.The questions you will have to answer will either be posted here or I will post a link to find the questions. You will email me your answers. You are encouraged to discuss the episodes but if you post specific answers here you will be disqualified.   ( ex….. saying hey guess what everyone……the answer to number one is red.) You may either be disqualified or penalizied.

3. You may join the contest late, however you may have a different set of questions from everyone else and MAY have less time to answer them. If you join after the answers are posted you will need to ask for a new set of questions.

4. The number of questions may be different for each episode.

5. Late  comers will be allowed until Sunday night.  After that you will have to wait until the next contest.

6. Contest is open to people outside the US and Canada. If you are a winner and need a region 2 DVD it will not be a problem.

7. Rules will be changed/added as needed and changes will be posted.


1st prize……a copy of Season 1 on DVD (region 1)

2nd, 3rd, or 4th prizes…..a copy of your choice of one of the books or one of Tanya Huff’s other books.

There MAY be other prizes awarded at random or secretly scheduled as I see fit.

Other info: as of right now I am aiming towards this Wednesday as the start of the contest. Please comment below if you are interested. Feel free to email me with any questions.


This contest is open to any fan of Blood Ties so please spread the word to your friends and other fansites. I need at least 6 people interested.

* I do not know if there are any legal issues involved in running a contest to here is my disclaimer: This contest is being run by an admin at EBT.  There is no money being made for the running of this contest. It is for fun and enjoyment only. All money used for the purchasing of prizes comes directly out of pocket and nothing is donated. Should anything be donated at any point to be used as a prize, credit will be given where due. At the completion of the contest please allow a few weeks for delivery.

* If this contest is successful, I would love to have more contests.

14 Responses to “Contest”

  1. sm1234 Says:

    I’m interested!

  2. xrogue Says:

    I’m all over it, Hank!

  3. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    I’m definitely interested in the contest, in between writing papers HA!
    This is awesome! Thanks Hank!!

  4. aniteattheopera Says:

    Sounds great…count me in

  5. pokeyspride2002 Says:


    I sent my answers to you this morning; I hope you got them.

    Hope everyone is well. love you all,


  6. sm1234 Says:

    I’m ready for the next one!

  7. imjustaguy Says:

    The next one is up and ready to go.

  8. sunsetangel Says:

    I’m In sent you answers already

  9. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hi Hank,

    Hope you are enjoying memorial day, I went out to visit Bruce yesterday with Quinton; we stayed with him for and hour and a half and then Quinton took me to dinner. It was nice, but I miss Bruce so much! you know I can stillsmell him on his clothes in the closet. I go in there now and then and just hold them close to me and smell his scent. Its still as strong as it was the last time he wore any of them. I guess the closet is keeping his scent. Its kind of nice, for me to know its there. I was wondering if we will be finding out soon about winners for the the contest? I am looking forward to the next group of questions.

    have a great day,

    Love Mary/pokey

  10. msnarnia Says:

    I just submitted all my answers for the 3 contests up so far. Anyone know when there will be more???

  11. imjustaguy Says:

    I just got all of your answers. I would love to see this contest go to the end. As soon as I have one more person turn in answers for the second set, I’ll put a fourth up.

    I still need people to turn in answers for the 3rd set as well.

  12. msnarnia Says:

    I hope I got all of them right. Some were a bit confusing since the Premeire was 2 hours long. I would love to see this contest go through the entire season. This was really fun. I have been watching this page for a while and thought I was too lote to enter. Glad that wasn’t the case!
    Keep us posted!

  13. msnarnia Says:

    Any idea when the next set of questions will be up??

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