Know a good book? List it here.

16 Responses to “Books”

  1. csd1 Says:

    Maggie Shayne – Wings of the Night series.

  2. Vitch Says:

    A Vampire series that gets a BIG thumbs up…and for those that like characters that get mentioned one book to the next…you WILL love this series.

    Hot, Funny and oh so addicting !

    ~ v ~

  3. Vitch Says:

    One of the BEST Vampire Series I could reccomend..though ALL the one’s I’m listing the sites of are FAB !!!!

    This series with Guy’s clad in Black leather and names like “Wrath”…Uhh, THUD !

    So be sure and check out Author J.R. Ward.

    ~ v ~

  4. Vitch Says:

    This series …called the “Others” incorporates ALL kinds and is Hot , Funny and Oh So..magical!

    There are Were’s, Demons, Fox women, Vampires and witches.

    Like Sands ..all these characters intermingle in each book creating a whole NEW world !!

    ~ v ~

  5. Vitch Says:

    Ok THIS series is SMOLDERING hot and on a whole new take.

    This Author has come out with (2) New Series.

    1) Atlantis
    2) Lords of the Underworld!

    The Atlantis series is based upon ALL Paranormal creatures living in the mythical Atlantis. Vampires, Dragons and Meremen ..Oh MY !

    An EXCELLENT..EXCELLENT series !!!

    Her LATEST Series…

    Lords of the Underworld is based upon Demons Unleashed from “Pandora’s” box ! Big strapping Demons that happen to have hearts and MAJOR good looks! Again, with names such as “Death”, “Despair”, Violence” and the like ( including the Lusty one -LOL ) you can’t go wrong !

    ~ v ~

  6. Vitch Says:

    This series is quite FULL !!! It is a sampling of MANY different tastes…,

    1) Vampires/Were’s
    2) Romance
    3) Cross breeding
    5) Mystery

    Has a flare for ALL.

    Riley Jenson of the Guardian Series is half Vampire and Half Were and ALL SPUNK !!!

    This girl can throw down in a fight just as fast as she does in the bedroom

    I am currently on book 3 ..and CAN”T say HOW much I am LOVING this series!!!!

    ~ v ~

  7. csd1 Says:

    VERY HOT books. Vamps were’s you name it!

  8. cylver Says:

    I found this fantastic vampire booklist!

    It gets updated fairly frequently (last time was April ’08) and it’s broken down into categories (romance, horror, nonfiction, etc). Enjoy!

  9. cylver Says:

    I don’t know how I made that Smiley! I meant to say the list was updated last month, April 2008.

  10. bludtizfan Says:

    If you want something fun but not vampire I recommend the Katie MacAlister Aisling Grey series. It’s Dragons instead of vamps but funny and good.
    Also Kathy Love has a good Vamp Series out.

  11. bludtizfan Says:

    Katie MacAlister also has a good vamp series out.

  12. vampfan Says:

    vitch, I have read all the riley jenson books by keri quinn the vampire..riley is as kick butt as vicki nelson..AND she gets to put some lovin’ on her vampire…

  13. vampsrus2006 Says:

    So, what’s on everybody’s summer reading list? Next month, I have a couple of much anticipated releases: Kathy Reichs’ Devil Bones and Stephenie Meyers’ Breaking Dawn. In the meantime, I’ve been reading LJ Smith’s The Vampire Diaries series. It predates Meyers’ books by several years, but they explore a similar theme of a high school girl who falls in love with a vampire. I think both are well written. TVD has been re-released in double volume sets, much like Tanya Huff’s have been. I’m nearly finished with the fourth story.
    She’s even written her own short story “what if” scenario that you can read on her online webpage. She’s releasing a new set of stories in the TVD universe, a trilogy around the character of Damon, the first of which is coming next March.

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