Let Me Rest In Pieces by Spikey1270

The Universl Side Of Your Heart by TheHuntress792

Never Alone by Darkasthesky

Everything Changes by TheHuntress792

Because the Night by DarkStar2404

The Only One by DarkStar2404

Moon Over Bourbon Street by DarkStar2404

The Love Triangle~Victoria by TheHuntress792

Cry Me A River by TheHuntress792

The Man that I Am by DarkStar2404

Miss You Night by DarkStar24o4(theamatis)

She’s Mine by TheHuntress792

Give into the Night by TheHuntress792

Pour Some Sugar on Me by SexyNikki12

Eye of the Tiger by TheHuntress792

Can’t Fight The Moon Light by TheHuntress792

Rock Me Tonight by TheHuntress792

Everybody Wants You by TheHuntress792


I Want Your Soul by TheHuntress792 for EBT.


This Love by SexyNikki12

You Turn It On by TheHuntress792


Talk Dirty To Me 2 by SexyNikki12 made for my bday!


Broken Man video by TheHuntress792


Desire video by TheHuntress792


Are You Ready For Love video by SexyNikki12


I Need A Hero video by Jendeana


Where I Stood video by RequiemsMoon


Talk Dirty To Me video by SexyNikki12




Save Blood Ties video by MOODYGIRI


Trouble video by Edenslilly


My Heart Is Bleeding video by TheHuntress792


The Show Must Go On video by SexyNikki12


Emotional Rollercoaster video by Marysuethecat

16 Responses to “Videos”

  1. csd1 Says:

    These will only be up for a little bit so you can see them. Because we will not post direct links etc. So enjoy, then you can go to the links we have under the blogroll.

  2. csd1 Says:

    Wanted you to know that we have permission from both of these women to post their videos here. So don’t worry that we did something wrong. We are learning!

  3. csd1 Says:

    If you liked these videos please check the blogroll under Blood Ties videos. Some really talented women let us put up their link, so take a look.

  4. vamphoney Says:

    Really great videos!!!! They just show why we love this show so much. Very good choice of scenes in both videos. These are some talented ladies.

  5. csd1 Says:

    Alright added two more for you. Enjoy them because we will only keep them up for a short time.

  6. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    I loved them, I would also love to have the songs that were used; the were beautiful!! more “Please”

  7. vamphoney Says:

    I love these videos!! I just got my Henry fix for the day. Thanks for the Love Hurts scene. It made my day!!

  8. redbliss02 Says:

    I love when Henry says “We can cuddle after.” That’s so great! >:)

  9. raven4bloodties Says:

    GROAN………… Lordy I love Blood Ties………… These Videos are GREAT! LOVED THEM!!

  10. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Awesome video,

    have that song I have thought of Henry since the first time I heard it !! Great Job!

  11. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    He B, great video, I was wondering if you do one for me of just Henry to the song, The Night, by Disturbed. Its on their new CD, called Indestructible. I think this song is perfect for a Henry Video. “Please”

    Love Mary

  12. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hi hon,

    You said you wanted me to keep the ideas coming so here goes. There is another one by disturbed called Deceiver,I figured you could do one of henry and all the ones who betrayed and decieved him on the show. It even has a verse in there about vampires. how ironic is that.

  13. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hey B,

    LOved the new Video. can you make a H/V one to the song Forever love , by Reba McIntyre. for me! “oh I have my first story on Livejournal. called The sacrifice, I have four chapters up so far.

  14. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    great video B!

  15. cheekybabe666 Says:

    Hey people!

    I’m kinda lost on how to contact the admin of this blog…so until i can actual ask for permission for my fan video of blood ties to be posted i’m going to link it here-

    Views and comments appreciated!

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