1. This blog has five administrators:   Everythingbloodties (aka Fitzroyfreak, Sam) Vitch36, CSD1(aka Crazychrissy) and Bludtizfan and Henry Guy (imjustaguy). Any decisions about this site will be made by all of us as a group. We will vote on all issues and in the case of a tie Sam as the site owner will be the deciding factor. (We will also post our email addys so any member can come to us if they have a problem)


Bludtizfan –

csd1/crazychrissy –

EverythingBloodTies –


imjustaguy –

 2. We will remove any posts that are offensive in any way.   Although this is an adult site, any member who posts inappropriate material will be blocked from the blog. The team members will vote as to how long that should be or if it the member will be blocked permanetly.

3.   Keep it somewhat clean.  We will have some teenagers here and we want to be an adult blog, not a porn site.  Just keep that in mind when posting.  Bad language doesn’t bother me, but isn’t always necessary.  If you consistently use language inappropriate for the topic,  you will be blocked
4.  If you have a problem with another member then take it off the blog.  Email or IM each other.   No fighting will be allowed.   We don’t care who started it, we’ll finish it.  However, you can bring any concerns to the admin about another member and we’ll be glad to look into it.  We will block anyone who continues to fight with another.   Everyone is welcome here, until they prove otherwise.  If there is a member you don’t like,  then just don’t talk to them. We will not keep anyone out as long as they behave.
6.  If you have something you want to post, or a website you want to link, let us know, we’ll be glad to give you one.  We aren’t going to post fanfic, or sites here, just the link.
HOW TO CHANGE YOUR AVI – Keep in mind, sometimes you have to do it a couple of times before it takes.
1.  Click on ‘Dashboard’
2.  Click on ‘Profile’ (upper right hand corner)
3.  Click on ‘My Pictures’
4.  Click on ‘Browse’
5.  Choose a picture.
6.  Click ‘Upload Image’
7.  Click  ‘Crop Image’ -if you get the box to crop in the upper left hand corner of     the page, just back click and start over.  The second time usually works.
8.  Profile Updated.
9.  You’re done!
1. Go to
2. Click Sign Up
3. Follow the directions and you’re in!
1. go to your story
2. click on edit entry
3. when that comes up, highlight the part to go behind the cut.
4. look at your tool bar and find the icon that looks like a page like this
5. click on that and a box will appear at the top of the page that says READ MORE
6. click ok.
7. Click save entry
8. You’re done.

7 Responses to “Info”

  1. bludtizfan Says:

    This is is looking really good, great job. Am putting together the info on links, gonna try and seperate them into catagories, web pages, fanfic, personal. Also everytime someone puts up a news piece. tvguide or whatever will post that under news and misc. Think it is a good idea to just put links for fanfic and poems and not the actual stuff. it can get pretty graphic, not to mention copywrite issues. We do need some color on the edges. Like the white for the chat stuff though, makes it easier for us mature folks to read.

  2. vamphoney Says:

    I love the site so far. All the rules sound great and are not unreasonable. Everyone should be able to get along with them. You guys have done such a marvelous job you should be commended.

  3. pokeyspride2002 Says:

    Hey CHrissy,

    Where is your fanfic, you talk about on here?

  4. shesabtfan Says:

    OK – Finally registered for wordpress. Don’t want to be left out in the cold when LT finally and completely pulls the plug and scraps the blog at their site. Hoping that the transition to a new channel will happen long before that. (AKA – Sheila_BT_Fan, ShebBT)

  5. sm1234 Says:

    Hello one and all. It’s seems I am no longer able to post on the LT MB – the submit button is gone from my screen. I have re-registered twice today for LT just to tell them off for the shabby treatment of Blood Ties. I give up on them now!!!

    Is there anywhere else I can watch the episodes? I don’t have LRW and I don’t have iTunes. I hate logging onto LT MB – it gives them “hit” credits for their web page. Mailing my glasses tomorrow. And I keep on voting and writing.

  6. raven4bloodties Says:

    Darn… gotta keep it clean? you know that is almost impossible right? LOL

    The site looks fantastic! GREAT JOB!!!!!

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